September 6, 2018

About Us


Our Story

The idea came to us as my wife, Nicole, and I were driving down Wellwood Ave one afternoon, admiring the quiet town we had grown so found of.  More people needed to take this drive and see the beauty and potential our hometown had to offer.   This is where our quest began. 

It had been a long time passion of mine to own a restaurant.  Having worked in the service industry since I was fifteen, I knew the business well.  However, we didn’t want to just open any restaurant.  We wanted to open a restaurant with a purpose; a restaurant that would encourage people to slow down, gather around the dinner table and embracing the simple moments in life.  You see, while owning a restaurant was my passion, my true dream has always been to give back and help those in need.  Having worked for a non-for-profit in the past, Nicole and I resolved to combine my passion for helping people with my knowledge of the service industry and decided on the idea of donating our net profits to charities and local families in need. 

Our goal for this restaurant is similar to the goal of the Odd Fellows who constructed this building in 1908; to restore faith in humanity, one person at a time.  We truly believe we were meant to find this piece of Lindenhurst history and continue on its original pursuit.  Therefore, it is with open arms that we invite you all to come into our home and help us to “Be the Good You Want to See in the World”.  It is our promise, that we will do the same. Welcome to our family!

-  Billy Miller, Owner