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Restoration Kitchen - A Restaurant With a Purpose

The official motto of Restoration Kitchen’s owners, Billy and Nicole Miller, has always been “when you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.” It’s easy enough for anyone to simply parrot notable quotes about the importance of generosity and giving - but in the case of Billy and Nicole, their actions (and their business model) speak for themselves. After all, how many other restaurants have you eaten at that donate 100% (yes, 100%) of their net profits to local charities, foundations and families in need? Most likely, the answer to that is a resounding “zero.” Restoration Kitchen maintains a passionate, enduring commitment to giving back to their neighbors and community, being the definitive example of Lindy Pride and reminding others to “be the good they wish to see in the world.” Oddly enough, the current Restoration Kitchen location on Hoffman Avenue in Lindenhurst, used to be the home of the Lindenhurst Chapter of Old Fellows - as per Anna Jaeger, the village historian. Their mission? To anonymously give back to those in need. To Nicole, this was unequivocal confirmation that the long-term trajectory of Restoration Kitchen “was fate.” It would be difficult for even the most skeptical among us to disagree, considering the incomparable altruism and generosity of both organizations. Billy began working in the hospitality industry at fifteen, which earned him a unique familiarity and insight into how it works. This early entry into the industry inspired a long-term goal to open his own restaurant - however, it wasn’t simply to be any restaurant. It had to be a restaurant with a purpose, with a mission, a restaurant that would “encourage people to slow down, gather around the dinner table and embrace the simple moments in life.” After earning an MS degree in school counseling, Billy aimed to combine his passion for helping others with his extensive knowledge of the restaurant industry - thus, Restoration Kitchen was born. According to Nicole, "He gutted the inside of the building and rebuilt it from the ground up with help from our families and friends. Coincidentally, our wedding song is ‘From The Ground Up’ by Dan & Shay. It truly was a labor of love.” Their ultimate goal for Restoration Kitchen, like the Old Fellows who preceded them, is to “restore faith in humanity.” Easy enough for anyone to say, but Billy and Nicole Miller are backing up their words with actions, and as a result, they’re leaving the world significantly better than they found it. Restoration Kitchen remains a milestone in the community for something much more profound, and a lot more meaningful, than a great menu or exceptional service (both of which they’re celebrated for). How many of us have witnessed countless restaurants come and go over the years, failing for one reason or another - whether bad accounting, hands-off management, or any of the other myriad factors that go into a restaurant’s imminent failure? But very few of us can say with any conviction that our dining at a specific restaurant will directly benefit those in need, and that’s the beauty, and the purpose, and the undeniable success of Restoration Kitchen. A day doesn’t go by where we don’t sit back and really take in everything that has been accomplished,” says Nicole, “We’re so grateful to the Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Babylon, our loyal patrons, and our staff and families. We‘re truly blessed to have such ‘good’ around us.”
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