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Charities: Our Team

Empowering Long Island’s Journey through Autism - 20 years of Service! 


At ELIJA we work to ensure that children,  adolescents, adults, and their families, affected by  Autism, can live their best lives and we strive to  make a difference. Championing Hope, One  Child at a Time! 


2002 - The ELIJA  

Foundation offering training on the most advanced treatment and educational strategies to the community, “Educating the Educators”. 

2006 - The ELIJA School 

opens to educate school-aged children with Autism through a 12-month educational and treatment  program, in a one-to-one student to teacher ratio, focusing on the development of functional  communication, academic, social and life skills.  

2016 – The ELIJA Transition Program &  Services (TPS) support adolescents and adults with  Autism, who have aged-out of school programming,  continuing to build transferable skills that lead to  success vocationally, socially, academically, and in  all areas related to health, wellness and overall  quality of life.  

2017 – The ELIJA Farm is purchased to run a  sustainable, non-profit farm in South Huntington,  NY committed to using environmentally responsible  practices raising high quality produce. The ELIJA  Farm CSA (community supported agriculture) is  dedicated to enriching the health and wellness of our  community through dynamic learning opportunities  to its diverse membership. 


2020 – ELIJA Living pilots a new housing  initiative by placing four adults with Autism in their  own apartments, in a multi-use complex located just  minutes from the ELIJA Farm.


With 1 in every 44 children born in the US today  being diagnosed with Autism, ELIJA is ready to  support this growing population throughout their  lives! 


11 Laurel Lane,

Levittown NY 11756. 


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