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Luke's Purpose is an organization that was created in November 2022 to help support parents and families after the loss of a child. Their mission is to take part of the financial burden away from parents who have suffered this immeasurable loss, so they can focus on their family and their child. Luke's Purposewill help cover the costs of funeral and cemetery fees, medical bills, mental health bills, and lost wages. 


Luke's Purpose was founded by Ashley and Burak Meyveci, after their son, Luke, unexpectedly passed away on October 14th, 2022. Their family and community came together to support them through this incredibly difficult time. A few weeks after Luke's passing, they decided they wanted to help give back to loss families, while continuing to share Luke's story and keep his life and memory alive.


In the short time that Luke's Purpose has been active, they have already helped over 30 families. Luke's Purpose has also partnered with local hospitals, including Stonybrook Children's Hospital and New York Presbyterian, and child-care facilities like Angela's House, to be a firsthand resource to parents who have lost a child. They have also put together a trusted list of resources to help navigate life after loss, and continue to build a community where parents feel safe and understood.


Ashley and Burak continue to share the story of their son, Luke, and the entire team at Luke's Purpose is dedicated to helping other parents who have lost a child. Luke's Purpose hosts many fundraising events throughout the year, has held a toy drive, gives back to the community in many ways, and continues to grow and connect with other foundations.


The entire team and Luke's Purpose is incredibly thankful for your support. Together we will continue to help parents and families who have lost a child.


Instagram: @lukespurpose

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